Saturday, July 9, 2016

FLUMO NETLABEL - Deformación Profesional

FLUMO NETLABEL - Deformación Profesional (2005)

11 years ago, Mexican netlabel Flumo introduced themselves to the ears and hearts of experimental electronic lovers the world over with this various artists compilation, which features some awesome minimal techno and tech-house tracks, which was a positive sign for things to come for the netlabel in the years to follow.

Please note that this compilation was released with various bitrates, ranging from 128-256 kbps. No 320 kbps version exists.

01. Alland Biallo: Linklight (126 bpm)
02. Vincent Casanova: La Playa De Noche (125 bpm)
03. V.Rotz: Madame (124 bpm)
04. Thomas M & Remi: Zombies (133 bpm)
05. Lektrono: Esquizofrenia Colectiva (125 bpm)
06. 3 Channels: Mono (120 bpm)
07. Killahertz: Def Stuard! (124 bpm)
08. Jacek Sienkiewicz: Bakamasta! (132 bpm)

zip file: 55.71 MB
VBR kbps

Get it HERE!

:o) Enjoy!

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