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L.A. NOIRE - On The Air: KTI Radio

L.A. NOIRE - On The Air: KTI Radio (2011)

Here's a little something I whipped up yesterday, as I am currently beak-deep in the PS3 game. This is every song and radio part featured in the game's "radio station", which is heard while driving, and inside various buildings throughout the game, pieced together to form a recreation of an actual radio broadcast! We have station bumpers, advertisements for products found inside the game, public service announcements, news broadcasts relevant to the game's plot and to the era, an extensive musical soundtrack and 4 full radio episodes - two 10-minute episodes of The Bickersons, a 30-minute episode of The Jack Benny Show and a 30-minute episode of The Charlie McCarthy Show! This was a lot of fun to piece together (I found all of the radio bits at this Video Game Music site), but it is even more fun to listen to! I suggest listening to this at night, at a somewhat lower volume, while relaxing with a drink and/or a smoke (if that's your thing), but this is enjoyable at any time of the day. Get ready to take a trip back in time, to the year 1947!

01. KTI Bumps - A Better Variety
02. KTI Bumps - A Member OF The ACB Network
03. Louis Jordan: Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
04. Big Joe Turner: Battle Of The Blues, Pt. 1
05. KTI Bumps - A Member Of The ACB System
06. KTI Ads - Alaco Gas
07. KTI PSA - Cannery Preserves
08. KTI Radio News - Aviators Rid Eastern Colorado Of Coyotes
09. KTI Ads - Bullseye Cigarettes
10. KTI Bumps - America's Favorite
11. Louis Armstrong: Before Long
12. Frankie Laine: Black And Blue
13. KTI Bumps - Broadcasting From Los Angeles
14. KTI Ads - Pandora Soap
15. KTI PSA - Enlist Now
16. KTI Radio News - D.C. Golden Gloves Boxing Match
17. KTI Bumps - A Service Of The The ACB
18. The Bickersons: The Bickersons - 1/12/47
19. KTI Bumps - An ACB Station
20. KTI Radio News - Boxing Match Leads To Riot
21. KTI Bumps - Ballroom Dancing
22. T-Bone Walker: Bobby Sox Blues
23. Stan Kenton & His Orchestra: Eager Beaver
24. KTI Bumps - Broadcasting At 760kHz
25. KTI Bumps - Farm Report
26. KTI Ads - Cola King
27. KTI PSA - First Aid Kits
28. KTI Radio News - The Death Of Celine Henry
29. KTI Bumps - Broadcasting Since 1922
30. Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra: Hey! Ba-Ba Re-Bop
31. Thelonious Monk - Humph
32. Peggy Lee: I'm Confessin'
33. KTI Bumps - Greeting You From Los Angeles
34. KTI Bumps - Check Local Publications
35. KTI Ads - Elysian Fiels Development 1
36. KTI PSA - Hunger In Western Europe
37. KTI Radio News - Explosive Sodium Chemicals Properly Disposed Of In Washington
38. KTI Bumps - Thank You
39. The Bickersons: The Bickersons - 4/20/47
40. KTI Bumps - The Finest In Radio Entertainment
41. KTI Ads - Lemonwash
42. KTI Bumps - New Homes
43. KTI PSA - Immunize Your Child Today
44. KTI Radio News - Hollywood Stars Interrogated By HUAC
45. KTI Bumps - This Is ACB
46. The Ink Spots: Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
47. The Cootie Williams Orchestra: Juice Head Baby
48. KTI Bumps - Day Or Night
49. KTI Bumps - Serving California And The West Coast
50. KTI Ads - Elysian Fields Development 2
51. KTI PSA - Juvenile Deliquency
52. KTI Radio News - Phelps Sued For Divorce
53. KTI Bumps - Keep Listening
54. Evelyn Knight & The Stardusters: A Little Bird Told Me
55. Dizzy Gillespie: Manteca
56. Duke Ellington: Maybe I Should Change My Ways
57. KTI Bumps - Playin The Top Songs
58. KTI Bumps - Check Our Program Listings
59. KTI Ads - Dental Clean
60. KTI Radio News - Post War Labour Experiment
61. KTI Bumps - The Most Well-Known Are Heard Here
62. Hank Williams: Move It On Over
63. Dinah Shore: Murder, He Says
64. Bing Crosby: My Heart Is A Hobo
65. KTI Bumps - The Songs You Want To Hear
66. KTI Ads - Lennox Beer
67. KTI Bumps - Featuring The Best Live Programming
68. KTI PSA - Safety Message
69. KTI Radio News - Rigged Pinball Machines Confiscated
70. KTI Bumps - Hits Of The Week
71. The Andrews Sisters: Near You
72. Count Basie & His Orchestra: One O'Clock Jump
73. Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker: Oop-Pop-A-Da
74. KTI Bumps - Your Favorite Orchestras
75. KTI Ads - Rise & Shine Yeast
76. KTI Bumps - Broadcasting At 760kHz
77. The Jack Benny Program: The Jack Benny Program - 11/16/47
78. KTI Bumps - High Power Channel
79. KTI Radio News - Suspect In Henry Murder Jailed
80. KTI Bumps - The Tunes You Love To Whistle
81. Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters: Pistol Packin' Mama
82. Swing And Sway With Sammy Kaye: Red Silk Stockings And Green Perfume
83. Vaughn Moore: Seems Like Old Times
84. KTI Bumps - A Member Of The ACB Network
85. KTI Ads - Mulligar Flour
86. KTI Radio NEws - The March Of Dimes
87. KTI Bumps - Greeting You From Los Angeles
88. Gene Krupa: Sing Sing Sing
89. Dinah Washington: A Slick Chick (On The Mellow Side)
90. Tex Williams: Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette
91. Ella Fitzgerald  & Luois Jordan: Stone Cold Dead In The Market
92. KTI Bumps - With Our Affiliates
93. KTI Ads - Spenser's Root Beer
94. KTI PSA - Social Security Number
95. KTI Radio News - Theatre On Rails Announced
96. KTI BUMPS - An ACB Station
97. Billie Holiday: That Ole Devil Called Love
98. Martha Tilton: That's My Desire
99. Amos Milburn: Wolf On The River
100. KTI Bumps - A Better Variety
101. KTI Radio Ads - Alaco Gas
102. KTI Bumps - Check Local Publications
103. Margaret Whiting: You Do
104. Essential Jazz Masters: And All The While I'm Loving You
105. Tradional Sound: Yankee Doodle
106. KTI Bumps - Thank You
107. KTI Ads - Bullseye Cigarettes
108. KTI Radio News - Truman Addresses Opposing Politicians
109. KTI Bumps - Broadcasting From Los Angeles
110. The Charlie McCarthy Show: The Charlie McCarthy Show - 11/19/47
111. KTI Bumps - A Better Variety
112. KTI Ads - Pandora Soap
113. KTI Bumps - America's Favorite

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