Sunday, June 26, 2016

DR. PSYCHEDELIC - Cosmic Chemistry

DR. PSYCHEDELIC - Cosmic Chemistry (1998)

Here's a slightly obscure oddity, the Goa-ish dub album from Dr. Psychedelic, Cosmic Chemistry. Doc Psy is Jake Stephenson, who had a slew, nay, an arsenal of Goa trance and ambient aliases for the multi-genre electronic label, Rumor Records, such as: Shamanic Tribes On Acid (a favorite of mine), Alien Mutation, Mekhala, Curly Whirly Spirits, Psychoheads and The Pot Heads, just to name a few.

Cosmic Chemistry is a strange and fun ride, effortlessly shifting from effervescent Goa sounds to deep dub, and then combining the two for a truly original and trippy listen.

01. Ganja Dreams (120 bpm)
02. Dubly Jubly (129 bpm)
03. Deep Chill Out Dub (128 bpm)
04. Waters Of Atlantis (120 bpm)
05. Anything Is Possible (129 bpm)
06. Hypnotic Tripnotic (115 bpm)
07. Ultraviolet Reefa (120 bpm)
08. Let's Try Some Energy (69 bpm)
09. Skies Of India (120 bpm)

zip file: 177.91 MB
320 kbps

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Enjoy! :o)

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