Monday, June 27, 2016

I WAS A TEENAGE STRANGLER - Original Soundtrack by Severed Lips Recordings

I WAS A TEENAGE STRANGLER - Original Soundtrack by Severed Lips Recordings (1998)

What to say about this movie, other than it's a heck of a good reaction movie, meaning it is a fun movie to show to other people to watch their reactions. This movie garnered an underground cult following, because it was softcore/B-movie actress Misty (Erin Brown) Mundae's on-screen debut as a sassy, druggie party-goer appearing in the film's second half. The film itself, wielding a transgression and budget that makes early John Waters films look like Hallmark movies, concerns itself with Winston Strange (pronounced Strangé), who decides to throw a totally bitchin' house party, inviting random high school students from all over town to attend. The kids arrive with their attitudes and deviant behaviors (and good lord, some of these people are complete lunatics) in tow, and they all start to get loose. Little do they know, Winston planned this party as a welcome home party, of sorts, for his deranged brother, Miles, who happens to have an uncontrollable strangulation fetish - oh, and who also happens to have just escaped from (walked out of) the nearby psychiatric institution. Needless to say, countless throats are throttled until one terrified teenager (Misty/Erin) is left.

I know you're thinking, what's so crazy about that description that makes this such a good "reaction movie"? Oh, believe me. This gets crazy over-the-top and offensive. For instance, there's an extremely graphic coat hanger abortion scene (and I do mean graphic), which I have seriously lost friends over. But whatever, it's just a movie. If you can't laugh at life, you can't laugh with me.

ANYWAY - The soundtrack is extremely fitting to the movie. Severed Lips' (officially naming their film outlet 'Factory 2000' with this movie) films were known for their trippy, bare-bones synth and grunge/garage rock soundtracks, primarily because Severed Lips was first and foremost a lineup of local New Jersey bands, whose members made up a meat of the cast from the label's early films. If you like this music, check out the Caress of the Vampire 2: Teenage Ghoul Girl-A-Go-Go soundtrack, or better yet, check out the FREE archive of a massive chunk of Severed Lips Recordings' music!

01. Creep 01
02. Creep 02
03. Hospital 01 and 02
04. Creep 03
05. Revulsion
06. I Was The Killer
07. Creep 04 Psyche
08. Ticking Eye
09. Creep 04
10. March Of The Teenagers Pt. 2
11. Outtake

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320 kbps

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