Sunday, June 29, 2008

PONI HOAX - "Images Of Sigrid"

PONI HOAX - "Images Of Sigrid" (2008)

Here's the wonderful 2nd album from France-based electro-rockers, Poni Hoax! This is one heck of an album, with some heart-stopping, chill-inducing monsters (especially 'The Paper Bride'!).

Strap on the saddle and hop on the Poni Hoax!

1. The Paper Bride
2. The Bird Is On Fire
3. Pretty Tall Girls
4. Antibodies
5. Images Of Sigrid
6. You're Gonna Miss My Love
7. Crash-Pad Driver
8. My Own Private Vietnam
9. The Soundtrack Of Your Fears
10. Hypercommunication
11. You Of The Broken Hands
12. All Things Burn
13. Faces In The Water

VBR Bitrate

"There is nothing more to say, we will burn the paper bride today."


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