Saturday, June 21, 2008

DJ ME DJ YOU -- "Simplemachinerock"

DJ ME DJ YOU - "Simplemachinerock" (1999)

Here's a really cool electronica/trip-hop EP from DJ Me DJ You. It has a neat retro psychedelic feel to it, and some really off the wall sampling. This was released in 1999 on the Emperor Norton label.

DJMDJY is Craig Borell and Ross Harris, and also have a band called The Inner Thumb.

for more info on these guys go here.

1. Glassbong
2. Take Your Medication
3. Vital Target Area
4. Taste of Scandinavia
5. Robot Probe

320 Bitrate

"Take one goal of Karate - develop speed and power for the delivery of a focused attack to areas of the body that are the most vulnerable."


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