Sunday, September 28, 2008

MISSING PERSONS - "Rhyme & Reason"

MISSING PERSONS - Rhyme & Reason" (1984)
(from vinyl)

One of the greatest 80's new wave bands to ever grace the music world, in my opinion! This album is wonderful - rich, elaborate synth work, great driving rhythms and very well thought-out lyrics! 'Surrender Your Heart' and 'The Closer That You Get' are some of the best songs Missing Persons ever put out.

A must for any 80's fanatic! Enjoy!!

A1. The Closer That You Get
A2. Give
A3. Now Is The Time (For Love)
A4. Surrender Your Heart
A5. Clandestine People
B1. Right Now
B2. All Fall Down
B3. Racing Against Time
B4. Waiting for A Million Years
B5. If Only For The Moment

160 kbps

"You open one door just to find another."


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Anonymous said...

awesome one of a kind site bro!! request for more rare psy trance/chill kinda albums for those of us who dont dig pop n filmy kinda stuff.. thanx :D