Sunday, September 28, 2008

JULIE BROWN - "Big & Stupid / Homecoming Queen"

JULIE BROWN - "Big & Stupid / Homecoming Queen" (1982)
(from vinyl)

A fantastic, hilarious single from legendary actress/singer/comedienne, Julie Brown! The Big & Stupid versions here are vastly different than the mix that appeared on the 'Trapped In The Body of a White Girl' album and the 'Earth Girls Are Easy' soundtrack. And of course 'Homecoming Queen' is and always will be a classic!

A1. I Like 'Em Big And Stupid
A2. The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun
B1. I Like 'Em Big And Stupid (Extended Dance Mix)

160 kbps

"My father's out of Harvard, my brother's out of Yale, but the guy I took home last night just got out of jail!"



iSapien1956672 said...

OMG! when i first glanced over this i thought it was "downtown julie brown" from MTV dance party. Then, when i read the tracks i remembered the "Homecoming" track. totally forgot about it. there was a video too, right? love your posts, as always.

RabidHummingbird said...

thanks!! i love this one so much, Julie Brown is one of my not-so-guilty pleasures.

if you like homecoming queen, check out her newer track "The Ex-Beauty Queen's Got A Gun", which is a re-tooling of the original song but instead she is talking about Sarah Palin! It is a riot!