Monday, March 13, 2017

ICE FROM THE SUN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

ICE FROM THE SUN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1999)

The official soundtrack to the 1999 underground horror favorite, 'Ice From The Sun', "a dangerously experimental punk art film by Eric Stanze", released by Wicked Pixel Cinema/Sub Rosa Studios.

To appease the gorehounds, each CD was marked for authenticity by the blood of director Eric Stanze.

01. Godfuck: Ice From The Sun
02. Hotel Faux Pas: Lightning Rod
03. Free Dirt: Rude Pets
04. Ded Bugs: Go To War Now
05. Johnny Magnet: My Baby Won't Go Down On Me
06. The Trip Daddys: Trippin' In The Caddy
07. Sons Of Black Mass: Burning Paradise
08. Johnathan Woodside: Piggy Back Ride
09. Organic State: Commercial God
10. Highway Matrons: Jailhouse Tattoo
11. Vinyl: Ray-Gun
12. Johnny Magnet: Butter
13. Ded Bugs: Rated-X
14. The Trip Daddys: 70 West
15. Johnny Magnet: Paper Cut

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