Saturday, February 25, 2017


JUNO REACTOR - "Luciana" (1994)

(Original post: Feb. 16, 2008)

I am super-duper happy to be able to share this one with you! This is an extremely rare album from electronic music legends, Juno Reactor!

This album consists of one 60 minute ambient/noise track. If you are expecting one of J.R.'s famous, dance-friendly electronic orchestra albums, you are going to be sorely mistaken. I have played this for some die-hard Juno Reactor fans, and almost all of them were completely crestfallen.

BUT, I think that if you are forewarned that this is a 100% ambient album, and go about listening to it with an open mind, I think you will really like this! This is EASILY my favorite Juno Reactor album, and I have them all! This is friggin' great for late late nights, when you're out of your gourd, lying on your back staring up at the stars or the ceiling. It can be very moving!

track one - "Luciana" (60 minutes)

320 kbps

Get it HERE! (link updated: Feb. 25, 2017)

Enjoy! :o)


iSapien1956672 said...

You are my savior! I have been looking for this album since '96. I think it was out of print as soon as it was released. Finally I get to hear it. I used to idolize Ben Watkins until meeting him after a show in 97 when he opened for Moby (i went purely for juno). Hung out back stage and just realised he was a normal person, but still it was pretty rad to talk with him for a bit. This was when Blue Room had a base in Chicago.

RabidHummingbird said...

wow, thanks man! thats nice of ya!

Oh man, Blue Room had some great albums too! I really liked their dub stuff, believe it or not! (check out the Signs of Life compilation I posted, if you haven't heard it yet!)

This Juno album in particular was made to accompany some sort of art exhibit (no idea on the details, though). People would walk through the exhibit, and this would be lulling through the speakers... Which would be pretty cool, I think!

Thanks for stopping by my page, sapien! I hope you keep coming back and finding things that make you happy!


Mulholland said...

G' Day
I found your blog few minutes ago and it's a fabulous "coffre de p├ępites" or Heroes III-treasure-chest.
Thanks a lot.

I saw your profile and I think that the same waves are haunted our brain : Aphex Twin, Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, My Bloody Valentine, Peaches, Tortoise, Kate Bush, Autechre, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk and The Art Of Noise ... of course.

Oh my God I don't see The KLF & The Orb. How is it possible, probably an omission. What are you thoughts about them ?

VITRIOL said...


The link for JUNO REACTOR - "Luciana" (1994) doesn't work.
Megaupload says that this link ( is temporarily unavailable.
I don't understand why, so if you can doing something to fix this.


Shadow said...

Same as VITRIOL said, link is still unavailable... please, if you can do it, fix this as there's no other source for this album in Internet.

Rabid Hummingbird said...

Shadow - Your wish is my command! Link is updated! :)