Friday, October 31, 2008

NINE INCH NAILS - "Rusty Nails 1-3"

NINE INCH NAILS - "Rusty Nails 1" (1994)

So this is a really rare NIN bootleg that I used to have on cassette tape back in high school. I basically worshipped Trent Reznor back then. I had pretty much everything he ever recorded, and somehow this was probably my favorite thing, which is weird, because it's just a DJ mix of different tracks of his - and mixed pretty badly I might add, but still - there's something about this Rusty Nails series that sucked me in. There are some really cool and rare remixes and unreleased tracks on here! But my only complaint is that my cassette tape is long gone, and after extensive search on the internet, the only copies I could find were 128 kbps quality mp3s, which are all individual files. I couldn't find one long track that keeps the music flowing - so if any of you good peeps know where I can get a hold of one, I would be extremely grateful!

1. Closer
2. Terrible Lie
3. Get Down Make Love
4. Kinda I Want To
5. Down In It
6. That's What I Get
7. Twist
8. Ringfinger
9. Heresy
10. Head Like A Hole
11. Closer To God
12. I Do Not Want This
13. Happiness In Slavery
14. Kinda I Want To
15. Underneath The Skin
16. Sin
17. Wish
18. Memorabilia
19. All Pigs Lined Up
20. March Of The Pigs
21. Piggy

128 kbps

"Stale incense, old sweat and lies lies lies"


NINE INCH NAILS - "Rusty Nails 2" (1995)

A great followup to RN1! Some interesting remixes on here, but once again, the tracks are all individual mp3s, so there will be a slight pause between tracks (unless you can get your player or cd burner to keep them contiuous). But seriously folks, these are really great! I hope you all enjoy them!

1. Sanctified
2. Closer Heresy
3. Something Blue (New Unreleased)
4. Ruiner Remix
5. Closer To God
6. Heresy/Blind
7. Ruiner (Original Mix)
8. Head Like A Hole/Clay Like A Hole
9. March Of The Fuckheads
10. Happiness In Slavery
11. Maybe Once
12. Kinda I Want To (Demo)
13. Sin
14. Live In Me (Old Released)
15. Reptilian
16. Underneath The Skin
17. Memorabilia
18. Wish
19. Something I Can Never Have

128 kbps

"I have been inside you, I know what it feels like."

Nine Inch Nails - "Rusty Nails 3" (1997)

The third installment is awesome!!! And I actually have this one in a single mp3 file, so the mix is continuous! The track listing is below.

1. Quake # 1 (Intro)
2. Videodrones; Questions (Trent Reznor)
3. Eraser (Denial; Realization)
4. Driver Down (Trent Reznor)
5. Eraser (Polite)
6. The Beauty of Being Numb
7. Physical (You're So)
8. Heresy (Version)
9. Supernaut (1000 Homo DJs - Trent Reznor)
10. A Big Man With a Gun
11. Self-Destruction (Part Three)
12. Mr. Self-Destruct
13. Ruiner (Version)
14. Quake # 2
15. Burn (Natural Born Killers)
16. Perfect Drug (Lost Highway)
17. Closer (Deviation)
18. Something I Can Never Have (Mickey + Mallory Version)

160 kbps

"Hand me the salad, dear..."


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Kevin said...

i don't know if you still check this blog - i just found out today that you are retiring. that's the downside of using a reader app. doh!

so, i have part 1 & 2 on cd and can rip 'em into one track if you still want 'em. just let me know. i was the one who uploaded that gusgus lactic track.
djkevinhoole at hotmail dot com

appreciated yer blog dude. have a good one!