Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LO-FI-FNK - "(...And The JFG?)"

LO-FI-FNK - "(...And The JFG?)" (2005)

Oh, what I wouldn't do to be in the middle of a Lo-Fi-Fnk sandwich. Pardon the homoerotic thought.

The debut album (well, really more of an EP) from the Swedish electro-pop duo, pronounced "Lo-Fi FUNK". Groovy, happy, sexy and bouncy - this one has helped fuel my lust for this band's music. Features an earlier, more raw version of "A.D.T." than the one that appears on their later Boylife album.

1. A.D.T.
2. Change Channel
3. Unighted
4. Music Owns Our Body
5. Down South
6. Change Channel (Soul Supreme remix)

320 kbps

"There's too much bullshit talk"


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