Tuesday, February 12, 2008

THE STRIPPER - Original Cast Recording

THE STRIPPER - Original Cast Recording (1982)

While I'm on the subject of The Rocky Horror Show, here's a lesser-known musical from writer Richard O'Brien! This album has that authentic feel of utter sleaze and filth - so much that I almost need a shower just from listening to it. Not because of the lyrics, mind you. It just has that certain atmosphere.

I guess the actual vinyl release of this album is extremely rare, and worth quite a bit of money. I actually picked this up at the same place I got the Rocky Horror Disco Show:

1. Falling
2. Deadpan Dolores
3. The Lonely Are Legend
4. Men Like That
5. Hearts And Flowers
6. The Strip
7. Man Of Steel
8. Cry On
9. Begging The Question
10. Man Of The People
11. I Confess
12. There's Many A True Word Said In Bed
13. De NocheTodos Los Gatos Son Pardos (In The Night All Cats Are Brown)
14. Nobody's Fool
15. Sarah Sings
16. Planning My Big Exit
17. Trouble In Pine City

256 Bitrate

Take Off Your Clothes And Straddle The Pole HERE!


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