Tuesday, February 12, 2008


DAVID & ROXANA - "The Rocky Horror Disco Show" (1985)

Oh, don't even try to act like you're not at least curious! Hehehe....

Spawned in 1985, at the cigarette butt-end of the disco era. Who knows, perhaps this was the sole reason disco died! Ok, so actually it's really not that bad! Sung by David and Roxana, and not the original cast members, but still very much with the same feel as the original singers.

This is basically a 9-minute disco revue of most of the songs from Rocky Horror. Quite a collector's item, extremely rare and out of print! And this is actually a really good recording, better than most out there! No surface noise or loud popping noises at all.

AND THEN - Break out your leisure suits and goldfish heels, because we have the instrumental soundtrack to the Rocky Horror Disco Show. Imagine yourself dressed as Frank-N-Furter (or your favorite character), pilled out of your mind on the Studio 54 dancefloor... Let's boogie!

I really like this album, but probably only because I am a huge Rocky Horror dork. So here's hoping some of you are as well, because this will be a neat addition to your dorky RHPS collection, too.

Track One - "The Rocky Horror Disco Show" - Vocal Version
Track Two - "The Rocky Horror Disco Show" - Instrumental

320 Bitrate

Jump To The Left, Step To The Right, And Then Click HERE!



Nightlight said...

Great one man, is a re-upload possible?

RabidHummingbird said...

Sure thing Nightlight!

Thanks for letting me know the link was down!

Hope you enjoy it!

nightlight said...

Great, thanx