Monday, July 7, 2008

X-DREAM - "We Interface - The Mixes"

X-DREAM - "We Interface - The Mixes" (2007)

This is a phenomenal remix album! Holy friggin cow! This will have you jumping around like a crazy person, whether you want to or not - it is infectious, hard, loud and fantastic! The mixes are very true to the originals, yet they give the tracks that extra 'oomph'. And the 2nd half of this album is totally and utterly mind-blowing! (in my opinion...)

1. We Interface (Version 1.1)
2. We Interface (Tony Rohr Remix)
3. The First (Club Mix)
4. X-Ray Eyes (Club Mix)
5. Ultratube (Pascal F.E.O.S. Remix)
6. Quantum Lab (Instrumental)
7. Superintelligence (Clever Mix)
8. Distressor (Version 1.1.)
9. Rajiotaiso
10. Change The Music (Version 2.1)

320 Bitrate

"Euphoric neural nets versus synthetic logic regime."


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