Sunday, May 18, 2008

GUSGUS - "30 Licks To The Gooey Center"

GUSGUS - "30 Licks To The Gooey Center" (2002-2008)

OK, so rather than post GusGus single after GusGus single, I am going to combine them into one really fabu package!

What we have here are remixes and b-sides from the new GG lineup. Tracks 1 through 8 are remixes from the album "Attention" from 2002. Tracks 9 and 10 are really great b-sides, while track 13 is from former frontman Daniel Agust's solo album "Swallowed A Star" from 2005. Track 12 is a 2 + 1/2 minute interview with the new GG! Then the rest are all remixes from their newest album, "Forever" from 2007. Track 11 is my personal favorite track off of that album. :o)

I really hope you all enjoy this! If you check this out, let me know what you think of it - even if you hate it.

1. David (The Beginnerz Remix)
2. David (Darren Emerson's Underwater Remix)
3. David (Medicine 8 Remix)
4. David (King Britt Underwater Remix)
5. Call Of The Wild (Josh's "Call Of The Wink" Remix)
6. Call Of The Wild (Sam La More's G'Day Mate Remix)
7. Call Of The Wild (Tini Monteca Remix)
8. Desire (GusGus VS Ian Brown Full-Length Mix)
9. You Make Me Feel
10. He's So Hot
11. Sweet Smoke (LP Version)
12. GusGus Late-Night Interview
13. Daniel Agust: The Moss
14. Moss (Club Mix)
15. Moss (Tim Deluxe Mix)
16. Moss (Greg Churchill Remix)
17. Hold You (Namito + Diringer Remix)
18. Hold You (Hermigervill Remix)
19. Hold You (Moonbotica Remix)
20. Hold You (Sean Danke + Scheizer Goodman Remix)
21. Hold You (Lil Devious New Wave Mix)
22. Need In Me (Trick + Kubic Bright Mix)
23. Need In Me (Jan Driver Remix)
24. Need In Me (Luke Walter + DJ Loki Remix)
25. Need In Me (Alex Metric Remix)
26. Need In Detroit
27. Need In Me (Trick + Kubic Dark Mix)
28. Need In Me (Audiofly Remix)
29. Need In Me (President Bongo's Wilpitz Mix)
30. Need In Me (Club Mix)

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"Bear with me baby, I'll keep it together." (PART ONE)

"Throw me into sweet oblivion!" (PART TWO)