Monday, August 25, 2008

NEURO NET RECORDINGS: A 3-Part Compilation By Rabid Hummingbird

NEURO NET RECORDINGS: A 3-Part Compilation by Rabid Hummingbird

This is a compilation I made of tracks from one of the very first techno labels I ever got into, Neuro Net Recordings. NNR was a Japanese label, specializing in hypnotic, melodic and sometimes psychotic electronic dance music circa 1995-2000. A lot of these freaking wonderful tracks have a really lo-fi old-school feel to them, which make this seem like a special piece in the techno time capsule (at least for me, I guess).

Unfortunately, NNR is no longer around and I only had their music on cassette tape until recently, when I came across an archive site that had something called the NNR Mega Compilation 2006. They had a vast majority of the Neuro Net tracks that I was familiar with on 128kbps MP3s. I was in heaven. You can't find these tracks anywhere! So I took a bunch of them and rearranged them into 3 compilations that I thought flow together very smoothly, yet showcases the labels mind-blowingly ecclectic variety of styles!

Plug In.


1. JJ1BDX: "Linguistic Malfunction"
2. Pickles Spinn: "Eclair"
3. Pythian: "Trance JP"
4. Flux: "infer, infer."
5. Eiji, K: "DOPE 760"
6. Akiyama: "Sexy Bus Stop '95"
7. Pythian: "Logy"
8. Akiyama: "Elementary Particle"
9. Akiyama: "Elementary Particle [HA] Remix"
10. Winter Mute: "Snow on the Brown's Tube"
11. TJ Laser: "Notsu Wa Trunks/No Bra"
12. Flux: "infer, infer. (Subway Mix)"



1. Pythian: "Planetary Movements"
2. KY: "272ym"
3. Winter Mute: "Virus"
4. Akiyama: "Sun Sessions"
5. Florent-C: "Soft Act Part 6"
6. Kissy: "Don't Ever Stop"
7. Flux: "infer, infer. (View4 Mix)"
8. Unknown Format: "No Education!"
9. Winter Mute: "Train of Structure"
10. Satel: "Acque Minerale"
11. Pythian: "Pure IC"



1. Fuchouwa-Chouwa: "Masked Fairy Tale"
2. Eiji, K: "Zoarean"
3. Kitani Takuya: "High Beams"
4. Winter Mute: "Move Into the Forest"
5. Kissy: "DeOrbit"
6. Tetsuo K: "Mindwarp"
7. Akiyama: "Squall at Dawn"
8. Sector-One: "Control"
9. Sector-One: "Control (Quark Remix)"
10. Akiyama: "Bird's Eye"
11. Nishimura Tsuyoshi: "PAT-E-NA"


If you like these, be sure to check out the NNR MEGACOMP 2006 ARCHIVE! They have a ton of other phenomenal tracks that are sure to please any techno fan!

**ALSO - If you would like to hear more of my compilations, check out my other blog: RADIO FREE RABID! You will find a wide variety of music, that range from indie rock, post-punk, post-rock, shoegaze, 80's pop/new-wave, industrial, jazz, and electronic music, all fused together to make one nice, smooth listening experience! Enjoy!


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