Sunday, November 2, 2008

GUSGUS - "Extra Stuff"

GUSGUS - "Extra Stuff"


Here's some songs that never made it into my posts. Some cool stuff on here. The 1st track, 'Cruz', is by request. It is not the best quality in the world but after extensive search this was the only thing I could find anywhere! But it's still a really neat song. I am still looking for the track "Lactic", so if any of you good people reading this happen to come across it, please let me know! :)

This is, as always, a wonderfully delicious GusGus treat. I hope you like it!

1. Cruz (Original Mix)
2. Cold Breath '79 (Husmix)
3. Starlovers (Dirty Bix Mix)
4. V.I.P. (Francois K. Mix)
5. V.I.P. (Francois K. Dub)
6. T-World: An-Them (Part One)
7. T-World: Oh
8. GusGus vs Roy Davis Jr: Got 2 Get 2 Heaven (GusGus Remix)
9. Martin Jarl Vs GusGus: Moonstruck (GusGus Remix)
10 Iceland

VBR kbps

"I am in love with something coming close from far"



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! This is terrific!! You found even Cruz! Amazing! Btw, are you interested on a limited edition of GusGus' Ladyshave?? It includes a very interesting track, Ladypunk, same lyrics, but Daníel Ágúst isn't singing. If so, write me to and I could send you each track (I still can't upload files, sorry). Cheers,


RabidHummingbird said...

thanks again! the ladyshave stuff was fantastic!

i just ordered 2 really rare old GG 12"s, so check back later and i will have them, along with all the other outdated GG posts up and running!